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Hello, it's Magichan here! For info about character layout style, kindly please read through this blog. Although some articles doesn't really apply the layout presented, please remember that this is only a suggestion and to try keeping everything in uniform. If you have questions, please comment below. Thank you! :3

Getting Started

At the very top of an article, a property template must be placed:

If you don't like to use it, go make your own template and be free to edit it. Please avoid including curses and rude words should you make one!

After labeling it as your property, add an infobox:


It's actually not a section, please remember! The introduction is the most basic outline of your character. It is a shortening of all sections (see below) and includes explanations about occupations, aliases and other things on the infobox.


Describe the character's personality. Their demeanor to others, their attitude to certain people, and how they act. Also include likes, dislikes, traits and others that is related to the personality of your character.


The character's appearance: what they wear, what they look like, if they have marks and scars, and other important details.


Start off with your character's history then continue with what they are doing right now. Should they be involved in a storyline or role-play, add them below and list them in chronological order.


It is separated in two:

Natural Abilities

The abilities that your character has, minus the genetic mutations.

Mutant Abilities

The abilities that your mutant character has, minus the natural ones.


Your character's equipment. Also give its appearance and abilities in battle.


Extra info about your character.


  • If you find it easier to put "Appearance" before "Personality", please feel free to do it.