Infinity Gauntlet (2015) Secret Wars logo
This movie is about the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.


In a dark cold place, a woman wearing a hood is walking back and forth and we can't see her face. She calls for her servant and requests that he gets the person that is waiting outside. She looks at the wall that has many paintings on it. A giant purple guy walks into the dark place, then the woman snaps her fingers and torches light up. She is still facing the wall. He walks closer then stops as she puts her hand up. The person bows down to her. She says "Get up I have a mission for you.". His face starts to make an evil smirk. She then continues and says "Destroy half the life in the universe.". The guy says of course and it is revealed that the lady is Death and the purple guy is Thanos. But she stops him before he leaves and throws him a glove with stones in it, the Infinity Gems and he is now the most powerful being in the universe.