Real Name: Unknown Current Alias: Harvester of Souls

Aliases: Gorgonopsid III (His cousin and Siegfried Schattentor had taken the identity Previously) , Death, Grim Reaper II, Gremlin.

Relatives: Oblivion (Father), Unknown Mortal Mother, Gorgonopsid (Cousin).

Affilliation: Talons (Currently), Masters of Evil, SHIELD (Formerly)

Base of Operations: Talon Island (Currently), SHIELD Helicarrier (Formerly)

Identity: Secret Identity

Citizenship: Austrian

Marital Status: Single

Gender: Male

Eyes: Unknown, Shown to be pale white through mask, but true colour is still unknown

Hair: Unknown. Most likely bald.

Place of Birth: Vienna, Austria

This Demigod was born during an eclipse, and on that day, his mother and step-father were murdered (his real father was oblivion). Since then, he decided to start on a life of crime as the minor villain Gremlin. After being defeated by Daredevil, he was offered a second chance by Nick Fury. He joined SHIELD as Grim Reaper but soon Baron Zemo requested him to join the Masters of Evil as Death. After a long battle with the avengers, he was thought to be dead but actually he led the Talons posing a s his cousin, the Gorgonopsid (Son of the abstract Death). When his cousin returned, he moved aside to be Second-in-command and became the harvester of souls.